A Christmas Thank You

Happy Holidays | www.patriciabaileyauthor.comIt’s been a big year here at my house. Lots of truly wonderful things happened – my first novel was published; I made a bunch of new friends; and I got to travel to some pretty cool places. And lots of not-so- wonderful things happened, too – my husband got terribly sick in March and we spent a whole¬† lot of time worrying and doctoring and trying to do life and work and art in the midst of chaos and doubt. People smarter than I say that the universe likes balance – and 2017 may have convinced me of this truth.

One of the things I know is that everything always look a little better when you take the time to count your blessings. And even in a hard year – when taking a moment to be grateful can sometimes seem like another thing on the to-do list – there are many things to be grateful for. And one of the things on my blessings list is you. So, I want to give you all a big Christmas Thank You. Thank you for being here for me this year – for showing up at book events, for talking with me over coffee and on Facebook and on Twitter, for cheering for all the good that’s happened and for supporting me through the bad. You are the best. <3

Sending you all much love and wishing you happiness in health in 2018.

Patricia Bailey | www.patriciabaileyauthor.com