Surreal Moment No. 5

Surreal Moment in a Debut Author's Life | www.patriciabaileyauthor.comSurreal Moment – January 1, 2017
Klamath Falls, OR.

I know a lot of people spent a fair amount of time in 2016 wishing the whole year would die in a fire. And I know a lot of people are entering 2017 with trepidation. I spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day celebrating both. 2016 – The Year I Got a Book Deal and 2017 – The Year My Book Comes Out.

I have to admit, I’m filling a little bit giddy over here thinking that in just four months my novel is going to be in bookstores and libraries and (fingers crossed) in the hands of happy readers.

I’m running into 2017 bright-eyed and busy-tailed. I hope you’llĀ  be joining me.