Surreal Moment No. 6

Surreal Moment in a Debut Author's Life | www.patriciabaileyauthor.comSurreal Moment – January 4, 2017
The Internet

One of the questions I ask myself regularly is “What would a real writer do?” This question has led me to submit stories to journals and contests, apply for fellowships and scholarships, and generally build a writer’s life. In November, a Middle-Grade focused blog I have been reading for years announced that they were looking for some new contributors. This is a blog I love. A blog that’s inspired me. A blog that’s filled with writers that impress me.

So I read the call for applications and asked myself the question I always ask:

What would a real writer do?

I applied.

Sometime in December, I received an email that started with “We are happy to announce…”

And now, I’m officially a contributor at From the Mixed-Up Files… of Middle-Grade Authors!

Soon you’ll be able to read my thoughts about books and writing in two places. How cool is that!?





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