Author Interview at From the Mixed-Up Files

I was lucky enough to interview the multi-talented writer and artist Kirk Scroggs about his newest graphic novel, WE FOUND A MONSTER over at From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors last week.

Please tell us about your just-released book WE FOUND A MONSTER.

We Found a Monster is the story of a kid named Casey who has a few skeletons in his closet . . . and a She-Bat, and a zombie, some gremlins, a squid monster, and, oh yeah, Frankenstein’s in there too! Casey’s a loner who loves to draw monsters. About a year ago, shortly after his mom passed away, real monsters started showing up on his doorstep. Now he’s got a house full of them that he somehow has to keep hidden from his dad and the neighbors. He’s at his breaking point. He can’t possibly harbor one more critter. But there’s a new girl in town. Her name is Zandra and she needs Casey’s help. She’s found a monster too. A giant, furry, loveable behemoth named Spot. Spot needs a home but there are dangerous secrets lurking beneath his rainbow-colored fur. A dark past that has followed him to Casey’s sleepy little town. Someone, or some Thing, is after Spot. Casey will need Zandra’s help to protect Spot, but she is a bit of a mystery herself. Can she be trusted?

Casey’s Creature Exhibit showcases his monsters. Do you have a favorite?


Head over to From the Mixed-Up Files to find out Kirk’s favorite monster and to learn more about WE FOUND A MONSTER.

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